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In the 1960's a man called Henry Schuster had a vision to build a company which made the world's best industrial sensors available to designers and engineers across Europe; that company was called EuroSensor. Over the succeeding years Henry used his skill to put together a portfolio of some of the world's best position, pressure and temperature sensors and to sell them throughout Europe via a network of distributors.

In 1974 Roy and Joan Moffatt also started a company equally dedicated to the sales of sensors within the UK and Ireland. The company was called Variohm Components and as time passed the company grew, to the point where it had an outside sales staff of six Sales Engineers covering the territory.

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Zemic BM24R

ZEMIC high capacity BM24R load cell arrives with OIML approval for use in washdown and harsh environments

Variohm EuroSensor has increased its range of high capacity load cells with the new low-profile BM24R series from its exclusive distribution partner ZEMIC. The range has C3, C4, and C5 OIML R60 approval categories for legal-for-trade accuracy covering loads from 60kg to 60t in seven sizes - spanning 63 mm to 140 mm nominal diameter. The hermetically sealed load cell is finished in stainless steel with laser welded diaphragms and a glass to metal cable entry. With IP66 or optional IP68 ingress protection, the BM24R is well suited for use on platform, tank or hopper weighing systems in washdown and harsh environments across the food & beverage, chemical and process industries.

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New multi-turn rotary sensor will provide viable, and enviable, non contacting alternative to wirewound devices.

Representing a breakthrough in non-contacting and multi-turn rotary position sensing, Novotechnik's new RSM2800 series provides an absolute position output for up to 16 turns (5760 electrical degrees) - and is a true non-volatile device that retains position in an unpowered state.

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Low Cost Compression Load cells reduce force sensing price barrier for consumer and medical markets

Variohm EuroSensor has released a new packaged low cost compression load cell from Measurement Specialities Inc (MEAS) that combines MEMs strain gauge sensor technology with high volume manufacturing techniques to enable low-cost force sensing for a whole new class of "smart" consumer appliance, business equipment and medical product applications.

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